Our Mission

Our mission at True ALGO is to revolutionize the financial markets by empowering retail traders with the same tools and insights used by market makers. Our custom algorithm is designed to provide our members with actionable insights, giving them the strategic edge they need to succeed.

Crypto Nick

CryptoNick’s interest in trading was sparked by his previous jobs, where he was always drawn to data-driven analysis. He enjoyed analyzing data to uncover insights that others might have missed and to understand the behavior of algorithms. This passion led him to conceptualize True ALGO, which provides real-time indicators and predictions based on how market makers perceive support and resistance.

Through his success in trading, CryptoNick developed a passion for teaching others how to improve their trading skills. As a lifelong learner, he continues to enhance the trading systems he has developed and to learn how to be a better trader and teacher every day.

When he’s not trading or live-streaming, CryptoNick can often be found enjoying Tex-Mex and great music. He remains dedicated to his mission of empowering others to better themselves through trading and is constantly exploring new ways to innovate in the financial markets.

O Toro

O Toro has over three decades of experience in equities trading.  He combines with his love for technology and data analytics. He created the True ALGO engine by utilizing his knowledge and skills acquired through his education at MIT, coding the algorithm based on an entirely novel way of looking at price action.

With the success of the original True ALGO Engine, O Toro has expanded the ALGO to multiple different asset classes.  As a lifelong learner and tinkerer, he continuously codes new and innovative indicators to make analysis easier for traders. 

When he’s not trading or coding, O Toro enjoys traveling the globe, learning about new cultures, and seeking out the finest cuts of tuna. He is driven by his passion for innovation in the financial markets and desire to make trading more successful for everyone.

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