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Welcome to True ALGO. Our state-of-the-art algorithmic trading indicator forms the backbone of the True ALGO system, empowering traders with unmatched precision and foresight.

Member results speak for themselves!

Daily Live Teaching Sessions

  • Daily live trading room for practical insights using the True Algo system.
  • An indicator alone is useless if you don’t know how to use it!  Ask questions in REALTIME in Discord livestream and get real answers.  
  • See Coach Nick read and predict price action live, NOT HINDSIGHT using the Socratic teaching style.
  • This is the fastest way to learn the True Algo system and the Risk Mitigation Strategy.
  • Previous streams available on the learning platform.

Note: Daily live teaching sessions are for education and demonstration purposes only and does not financial advice.  

Level to Level price action: True ALGO Edge

Our innovative indicator prints static boxes each day and week that DO NOT change based on chart time frame. We teach how to read price live as our boxes are hit with the True Algo Risk Mitigation Strategy.

By harnessing our indicator, you redefine market understanding. Slide to visualize the transformative difference and capabilities our platform brings to the table. Furthermore, the insights provided can reshape your trading approach.

ICT and Smart Money Concepts Meet True ALGO

  • Members receive the Companion Indicator at no additional cost!
  • Dashboard that complements our True Algo Indicator providing Valuable Market Information such as market sessions and True Algo Strength of Move. 
  • ICT and SMT concepts: Fair Value Gaps, Silver Bullet Sessions, and liquidity pools, swing highs/lows and market structure changes. 


True Algo isn’t just a generic, discount tool—we are a Premium global community. Beyond the advanced indicators tailored for your assets, we provide an ecosystem for growth. Join our exclusive Discord group, immerse yourself in engaging daily streams, and expand your horizons with a library bursting with educational content.

Do your own research and study our past LIVE Youtube streams during High Impact News Events and see how genuine True Algo is!

True ALGO Engine 9

True Algo Engine 9 introduces an expanded instrument selection with over 200 instruments! Classic assets such as index, forex and commodity futures and now sector Spider ETFs and a host of new stocks such as AMD, COIN, Home Depot, NFLX, Palantir, and SMCI. Combined with refined algorithms for enhanced performance, our platform empowers traders to navigate markets with precision and agility.

True ALGO Beacons and Targets

  • This indicator seamlessly integrates with all the assets supported in our comprehensive suite of indicators, enhancing the range of analytical tools.
  • Features: Beacons, Daily/Intermediate/weekly scalp targets, algorithmically computed price points that act as a magnet for price action.
  • Togglable Dashboard provides an automated statistics tracker for all TA assets
    Some assets have daily hit rates of greater than 95%!
  • Included with all True Algo Subscription Plans

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