Transform your trading
with our indicator.

Align with Market Makers in a market where 95% of traders fail.

TRUE ALGO is the ultimate leading indicator on the market.  This powerful tool predicts asset movements for potential reversals and breakouts and is custom-coded to track market maker algorithms.  

Predict Moves
with True ALGO

Join the revolution and eliminate lagging indicators. Gain X-ray vision into the movements the market makers have planned for the day and week, IN ADVANCE of price ever reaching those levels.

Regain control of your time and power

The True ALGO Day System is a powerful tool designed to assist time-strapped traders who struggle with planning and executing trades. By providing advanced features and a user-friendly interface, it helps traders create and execute successful trading plans with ease. This not only saves valuable time but also puts traders in complete control of their trading power.

Are you a Swing Trader?

True Algo’s swing trading indicator streamlines the entire process and helps traders optimize their strategy with ease. By identifying potential swing positions and providing built-in levels, the system helps traders make informed decisions for better entry and exit planning. This frees traders from analysis paralysis and allows them to execute trades with greater efficiency, ultimately leading to a more successful trading experience.

Embrace the Volatility!

True Algo allows you to know exactly where markets stand ahead of high-impact news events

FOMC, PPI, CPI, NFP, PMI and Fed speeches.

The system empowers you to take control and predict market events rather than fearing them.

With True Algo, you can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions with greater confidence.

The All-In-One Solution You’ve Been Searching For

  • Customized indicator for your asset class
  • Premium Discord membership
  • Daily NY session live streams
  • On-demand educational library with >100 hours of video content
  • Regular indicator updates

Member Spotlight

Finally, I Found it!

Like many of you, I ran across this YouTube short video clip of this True Algo Reversal indicator that stated “it does not repaint, highly accurate, and price reacts to them like magnets.” Initially, I was skeptical, as many indicators promise too much and don’t deliver. I was constantly searching for a system that worked with OB (Order Blocks) and FVG (Fair Value Gaps) that I could use with my price action analysis and strategy using ICT/SMC (Smart Money Concepts), and I can confidently say after 7 years of trading and searching, I have found it right here with True Algo. Their system provides reactions unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s not just a simple line or zone, but a truly predictive and reliable tool that helps me plan my trades in advance, saving me valuable time. In just three weeks, I made enough profits to pay for a lifetime subscription. I highly recommend True Algo to anyone looking for a predictive price indicator system.

-Leonard “FX Sniper” Williams